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Our strengths in recreation and leisure:

We live in the heart of the emergent Goitzsche lake region, next to Düben Heath Nature Park, and are the binding factor that connects the two Muldestausee, the large Goitzsche lake with the Pouch peninsula, Seelhausener lake, Gröberner lake, and the Düben Heath Nature Park are some of the landscapes that have made this region a unique tourist attraction with enormous development potential. One of the coal-mining areas has already been transformed into a remarkable recreational and leisure area. The world’s largest landscape art object (Goitzsche Landscape Park), which was developed as part of expo 2000 in cooperation with internationally acclaimed artists, has even received the coveted EDRA/PLACES Award and is a vital emblem of the successful structural change.

Come and explore the largest mixed forest in Central Germany, surrounded by the Elbe and Mulde riverscapes. Whether on guided adventure tours or on your own, find your way through diverse hiking trails and nature trails. Let yourself be drawn to the “Heide magnets”, with diverse culinary establishments to help gain back your strength. Come and relax in the “Düben Heath health region”. Moor baths, Kneipp therapy, and fasted hikes are just a few examples of how you and your body can remain fit and healthy.

Make sure not to miss out on the “Best of Düben Heath” (Düben winter ham, Heath-herb honey, feta cheese, Heath brandy, and other delicacies); see, taste, smell, and feel all that Düben Heath has to offer.

Enjoy the view on the top of the Red Tower in Pouch, which was built in the 13th century, and look down to Leipzig, listen to the impressive concerts by outstanding soloists from the Mühlbeck mud-brick church and the Burgkemnitz baroque church, or visit the first German book village, Mühlbeck-Friedersdorf on the “Street of the German language”, where you can read or purchase thousands of books.

For those who prefer action-packed vacations, there are many opportunities both on land (e.g. Goitzsche marathon, charity runs, nature adventure camping, long-distance cycling and hiking trails in the lake region and the Düben Heath Nature Park, relaxation in the “Goitzsche-wilderness” Nature Reserve) and on water (e.g. sailing, passenger ships, dragon boat, rowing regattas, wake boarding facility, etc.).

In addition to major events and festivals, such as the annual Sputnik Spring Break Festival with 25,000 visitors and internationally renowned artists of electro music, the Pouch peninsula has also grown into a resort for recreational events due to its predestined position. Come and learn about our growing local communities and traditions at numerous smaller town and club festivals in the summer months.
Tie the knot: get married befittingly in our manor house in Muldenstein, amidst an impressive atmosphere on Gröberner lake (from March 1st, 2018), or on the historic MS Reudnitz.

Our proximity to the surrounding (spa) towns and large cities (mainly Halle and Leipzig) makes us the perfect choice for many recreation-seekers who are looking for a break from the everyday life, stress, and the hustle and bustle of urban life. Here you will find relaxation as well as plenty of action-packed holidays. Especially day tourists and those looking for short breaks are always most welcome for their “holiday around the corner”. The number of cycling tourists is also increasing continuously. The shared border with Saxony and the proximity to Thuringia also make us an ideal destination for many recreation-seekers from neighbouring states.

In addition to the connection to Leipzig and Halle, we are situated in the immediate catchment area of the Anhalt-Dessau-Wittenberg tourist region. We are honoured to host guests in our region, for example during the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, where numerous guests visited from all over the world.

In short: you are welcome!

The strengths of our community in living:

Most of our families live in detached or semidetached houses. We have successfully managed to defy statisticians’ predictions on demographic change. More and more children are being born, which is why our day care centres are in high demand. We have three primary schools, the first community school in the district, 9-day care centres (2 privately owned), and 5 nurseries.

We offer our families relatively cheap home ownership options or construction land in developed structures, affordable rent, and decent cost of living. We also plan to provide more offers in barrier-free living as well as apartments for single households.

We have numerous clubs to provide the perfect balance to work and school. Sailing on Goitzsche, hiking through Düben Heath, a variety of sports clubs or gyms where you can test your limits, swimming races, fishing and hunting, rescue, fire extinguishing and protection in conjunction with our comrades in the fire brigade and water brigade, or even challenge yourself in taekwondo or karate training – the choice is yours!

Our young people want to stay here in their homeland. Since 2017, we have effectively advocated for the development of a youth-friendly community with the first youth council of the district of Anhalt-Bitterfeld.

Anyone who lives among us knows and appreciates the value of our transformed cultural landscape. Many remember a time when coal dust and chemical emissions penetrated homes and lungs and the noise from coal excavators drowned out daily life. Today, our region blossoms in the full splendour of new life. Proud of the achievements so far, we continue to develop our region. Join us and let us shape our future together.

Our strengths in the career field:

We are connected to the metropolitan region of Central Germany. Many well-known companies are based here due to the modern Chemical Park in the neighbouring Bitterfeld-Wolfen. This brings us more skilled workers and offers promising career prospects for our residents. In addition to the connection to the large cities of Halle and Leipzig, we have many small and medium-sized enterprises whose employees get to enjoy short commutes to work.

The strengths of our municipality are further reinforced by the very good infrastructure. Our community will be one of the first in Saxony-Anhalt to begin broadband expansion later this year – with full federal and state funding. This opens up many possibilities to combine working and living more strongly (home office). The outstanding infrastructure, which includes several main roads, the high-capacity A9 and A14 highways, the good ICE and regional train connection, bus transport, and Halle-Leipzig Airport, offers you the ideal connection to well-paid jobs, study opportunities, or your workplace.

Employers can acquire commercial space at relatively cheap prices compared to the nearby city outskirts, which in turn allows you to invest more in your core business. Our trade tax rate is comparatively low. We support potential settlement of new companies and businesses within our administration region to the best of our ability. Economic and (especially) tourism development is becoming increasingly important in our community. The Goitzsche joint board is one of our instruments for intercommunal cooperation in this field and is aimed at comprehensive regional marketing of the Goitzsche lake region.

We hope you enjoy exploring our beautiful community. Our municipal administration team is more than happy to help and advise you. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.